Thursday, August 9, 2007

Buster is Right

I love Overlord. I really do. Who wouldn't love a game that is a mix of Dungeon Keeper, Pikmin and with a dash of Fable's sense of style and humor?

First off it is something I have always wanted, a twisted Tolkien-esque world. It takes things so very Tolkien, such as Hobbits (called Half-lings exclusively in this game) and turns them into the greedy self serving creatures of the world whom reign terror over the humans. Did I also mention there is a town called Spree? Yeah. Totally a twisted version the loved Middle-Earth. And, as I said, I love it.

The game's plot revolves around you, the newly instated Overlord of a Dark Tower (Stephen King?) after its previous owner was killed by a legion of seven heroes. The Majordomo of the tower revives you from what appears to be a hibernation. He quickly walks you through the fairly simple controls (even simpler if you have a 360 controller, which automatically formats it to the 360 version's controls, which is super convenient). After that, it's off to the races.

The game from then out, as far as I've gotten at least, is mostly a series of hack and slash dungeon crawlers, all revolving around the redemption of your good (bad?) name and to kill off the Seven Heroes one by one. Over the course, you slowly rebuild your Dark Tower to its once grand standards, return powerful spells, find a dark queen fitting of you, new and super spiffy armor and weapons, and just all over reign of the land.

All in all, I'm supremely happy that Overlord is on GameTap and this game, one of many games that come out that the general population never pick up and try. The fact of the matter is, that is why I loved GameTap. It's like a foster home for lost games, where ones whose quality shone brightly but were overlooked for even shinier games. My advice, go out and adopt an Overlord of your own, for the good of us all!

GameTap says 9.4, I say 9.

28 out of 976 games complete.

So very kept.

Go download now!

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