Friday, August 3, 2007

Space, Now More Free Than Ever Before!

Growing up, I was never to lucky on the computer side, which is what lead me to be mainly a console guy. My family household was relegated to owning a DOS ran PC for well into the lifespan of Windows 95. When we finally did get a decent computer, I was already fully dedicated to consoles than I ever would be with PCs. Not to say I didn't enjoy a good deal of PC only titles, such as Warcraft and a good deal other RTS's. But I digress, what I mean to say is, I missed out on a grat deal of amazing games, and thanks to Gametap, for a meager fee, I get to relive the glory days of the platform.

Freespace 2

First off, I have heard about this series for a long time. I was always a fan of the space fighter genre since I was hooked on the X-wing series, most notably X-Wing vs TIE Fighter. From the word go, I am in love with the aesthetics of this game. It treats the subject of space travel and spaceship dog fights very "realistically," bringing in a very militaristic style to the briefing and debriefing.
And really, when a game as already grabbed me this well before I have even started playing, I know I'm in for a good time.

So, first off, the controls are bit obtuse. Buttons from all over the keyboard, from the numpad all the way to the left side. It is a bit frustrating already, and I'm only in the training. But, once the controls are fairly learned, the game is as fun as I knew it would be. Hopefully I can switch to mouse control later.

So, this is probably gonna end up being a super long post, so what I'm gonna do is cut this post into two.
So, look forward for part two, of what is ostensibly my first boss battle!

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