Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Boss! Round One! Fight!

So, I spent a good deal of yesterday and today figuring out exactly how I was going to go along with this Boss Fight idea.

It became more of an ordeal the more I thought of it. For one, I had to actually pick out a game of my own volition, completely against the Wheels wishes, and two, I would have to commit myself solely to that game for the entire day. Sadly, today proved to be against all my plans, as I was rendered busy all day.

Yeah, I realize if you look at this timestamp, I do have time left, but as I said, I wish to spend as much time on the Boss Fight game as possible. I might even have other things I need to do tonight.

Sadly, timing is just bad again, as tomorrow is my birthday, and I might be a little bit preoccupied. So, if this blog goes a day or two with no game updates, please do not riot in the streets, do not pillage and burn, for I know how much I mean to you all, but I will continue onwards!

Your regularly scheduled Gametappery will continue soon.


LuigiHann said...

I would just declare a day as "Boss Battle day" and blog normally, spending a bit of time with each game the wheel selects, until the wheel gives you one that fits your "Boss Game" criteria. If you have to play 7 or 8 short and terrible games before you get to one like Psychonauts, that's all the more Boss-Fight-like. Consider it the boss's fortress.

Mookie said...

Ooo... I like that too. A Boss Fight n the way that I play until I get a super good game like Psychonauts or until I drop of exhaustion. I like this...

dinah said...

And, happy birthday!