Saturday, July 14, 2007

Weekend Daze

Ahh, crazy weekends. This is why I love summer. It's 5:30 in the afternoon and I am near close to falling asleep. Long nights and early mornings are fuuuun!

Anywho, thunder storm rolling in, so I thought, what better to do than sit down at a highly electronic piece of equipment and play a game or two! I'm always thinking.

Alright, without further delaying for time, as they say in Crazy Taxi: HERE WE GOO!

Ah, this reminds me, I have thought of a new system. For every ten games, such as when I reach 20, or so, I don't know, I'll probably break this rule, but I do want to try a Boss system. Such as I mean, I will have to play a fairly deep game, like Psychonauts or even Sonic 3, and actually play it really far in and write up a fairly long review for just that one game. I figured it would add an interesting twist. A BOSS FIGHT is always enjoyable.

BUT, that aside, the wheel tells me I must play one of my most beloved games from my childhood.

Street Fighter II: Championship Edition

Man, I remember the exact day when I bought this game originally for my SNES. Good lord, those were fun days. Long tournaments lasting into the night. Ah boy. Well, SF2:CE is a good SF game, but it was indeed bested when New Challengers, Super, Hyper and Turbo came out a few years later. Still, this game as all the bosses playable, so who cares!

Lets see if I like it as much as I remember, cause hearing the Wing Commander 4 commercial in the background is getting annoying.

Ah, well... what can I say. I really... really don't like this as much as I thought I would. I mean, don't get my wrong. SF2:CE was amazing for when it came out, tons of fun. But, as I said already, there was a better version out within a year. And really, this game is almost too slow compared to what as been offered in it's wake. Whats worse, is right next to it in the list is Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting, and in this writers opinion, that is a much better game.

Gametap peoples say 8.2.
I say 7.
Sad to say, it is also a delete.
15 out of 958 games complete.

Well, that was a real quickie, having played Street Fighter for years, didn't need much time realizing if it was my cup of tea or not. So, I say it's time for another good ol' fashioned spin on the wheel of fate!

Oooo, and another tease with a Coming Soon game that I am very much looking forward to. Fatal Fury Special. Gods I miss the Neo Geo. Well, time for another spin!

Hurrah! Another adventure game! I love these ever so much.

Quest for Glory 1: So You Want to Be a Hero

Have I mentioned that I love adventure games? Because I really do. And we have an interesting one here, as when I chose to download it I am greeted with a warning message saying I need to download the manual for the game from the Gametap website, as, per usual for adventure games of the time, was guarded against piracy by hiding the activation code in the manual. As the internets was fairly primitive back then, this was a fairly useful safeguard. Not anymore though! Anyway, I am running on a bit by now, and I am truly excited to play this game. So lets go!

Cleverly, it seems I will actually need the manual to complete the game, not just activate it, and that really intruiges me. So, I start off with something unusual for an adventure game of the time, a character sheet. I first choose if I will be a fighter, wizard, or a thief and then I spread out talent points accordingly. Very different, I must say, and I am very happy about this game so far, and I haven't even started yet!

Well, I played this game for a solid 30 minutes or so and was very much enjoying myself as I have not played an adventure game like it before, when all of a sudden the game stopped recognizing my keyboard commands. I couldn't do anymore text actions and I couldn't even save. But aside from that, this game is still a true winner, and I'm glad to know there are 3 others in the series.

Gametap tells me this game has an 8.8 from users. Me myself, I give it a solid 8. Also, due to its awesomely small size of 4 MB, it is also a keeper.
16 out of 958 games complete. And I think it's time for a break.

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