Monday, July 16, 2007

I Really Hate Math

Oh man.

So, I decide to jump straight in after a long weekend, hoping for some good times, and I get this bad omen after spinning the All-Mighty Wheel.

Math Blaster: Ages 6 to 8

Gods... I played this game in school. Elementary school. In the second grade. And I hated it then as well.
What can I effectively say about this game? It is a game that is specifically designed for 6 to 8 year olds, there is no way I am pulling any real enjoyment out of this game. Long story short, you do math. A lot. Next Please!

Gametap says 4.0, I say 5, just cause I believe if you HAVE a 6 to 8 year old, they might like it. Or not.
Deleted. Easily.
17 out of 958 games complete.

Please Wheel, I beg of thee! Something fun!

Oh how it taunts me with its Coming Soon games. Real Bout Fatal Fury 2. Man I want to play those games. Oh well, lets spin it again.

I honestly think I have angered the Wheel in some way. Did I spin you wrong? Did I play URU to long and not spin you? Did my Planescape Torment playing offend you? I really am sorry! This is almost to much. But alas, I must play them all.

Mighty Math Calculating Crew

Happily, this game has a better score than Math Blaster, sitting pretty at a decent 6.0. So, I might squeeze some fun out of it. Thats it, Mookie. Be optimistic. The Wheel doesn't like it when you dislike it's offerings.

Well, I'm happy to say that this game was twenty times more enjoyable. I could actually see kids playing this and having a good time. It adds in a super hero element where each one of the four characters you see to the left have a different sort of game, all of which use math in "real life" situations, be it when buying something or finding out how much you have through multiplication and division. The voice acting, however, is atrocious, though I guess that comes with the territory of being a kids game. Well, whatever, it was ok. I'd have my kid play it.

Gametap is all it's wisdom gives this game a 6.0. I say it deserves a 7!
However, I will not be keeping it, as I am years and years away from having kids!
18 out of 958 games complete.

Ok, one more game, then I will gear up for a Boss Fight next round!

Ooo, this doesn't bode well. A 116 MB game with a 3.6 rating. Man, I wish I could skip games sometimes. But that would be cheating. Sigh.

Alien Blast: The Encounter

Long story short, its a full 3-D game where you play a turret that is shooting aliens. Its like a 3-D Space Invaders except you can't move. Oh, also, the game sucks. And it has some of the worst loading times I have ever seen. For one, the loading screen is just a repeating countdown up from 00 to 99 and it restarts every time it reaches 99. It made really no sense. But whatever, I didn't like it, but honestly, it wasn't that bad.

The Tappers say 3.6, I say 4.
19 out of 958 games complete.

And I will see you for the first ever BOSS FIGHT tomorrow!


LuigiHann said...

How do you plan the boss fight? If you spin the wheel and get "Shark! Shark!" are you going to play that for 2 hours?

Adam said...

I actually reviewed Mighty Math: Calculating Crew. Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm the person that gave it the six. :P I also find that space trader guy's smile incredibly creepy.

Afeury said...

I've actually played "Shark! Shark!" for 2 hours if not longer. It's a really great competitive multiplayer game until everybody figures out how to beat the shark.