Thursday, July 12, 2007

Got Bored

Yeah, got bored not posting, so I decided to come back.

SO, I took another spin on the wheel, only to be heartbroken with the COMING SOON for Thief: Deadly Shadows, one of my personal favorite games. Well, guess I'll get around to it when it actually gets added. For now, time to take another spin.

Oh yay... another Atari 2600 game. 4.0 rating. Well, lets get it over with.

Sky Jinks

Well ok, Sky Jinks isn't that bad. Its one of the better 2600 games I've ever played. Basically what you do is hold down one button (V) and use the arrows keys to slalom past various obstacles of death and pain, such as trees, power lines, balloons and, what I GUESS are slalom posts. Though I have way of being sure at all.

Truthfully, I had a good time playing it, I reminded me a lot of SkiFree, one of my favorite old DOS games. So yeah, I recommend.

Gametap says 4.0, I say 6.
6 out of 958 complete.

Well, nothing better to do, might as well take another spin and keep on going until I get tired or something better comes up.
Here we go.


Oooooooo! An arcade "Shump," or shoot em up, by Capcom! And a 7.3 rating! I'm excited. Lets giver a whirl, shall we?


What can I say? It's a competent enough shump. It has shooting, enemies, and you scroll upwards while collecting powerups. Oh, and it's hard. It can't be a shump and not be hard.

The best part is that the game was made in 1984, and looks really good for being so old, so it gets props from me for that.

Gametap has it ranked at a 7.3, I say it deserves a 7. So, works out. Next please!

7 out of 958 complete.

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