Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lets Pray for More Quickies

So, I take another spin and I find myself on the most joyus of joys, the Atari game Fun with Numbers which carries an awesome 2.0 rating.

Well, gotta play em all.

Fun with Numbers

Right off the bat, I am confused as all hell. Now, I was a late eighties kid. I missed the whole Atari scene, hell, I mostly missed the NES scene, though I did play with it well into the mid 90's, but even after trying to think back to the mentality of the era, I can't see the enjoyment in this. My god, I can barely tell what I supposed to do! And it's got the audacity to be called fun with numbers! Really, what I see is, a puke green background, with a number 9 with a plus sign to the left of it. The game is now asking me to input a number above it. I have now tried 6 numbers and the game has yelled at me for all of them. It then asks me what 6 divided by 4 is. A real calculator tells me it's 1.5, which is all well and good until a realize I can enter decimal places. Then it hits me, the game is trying to tell me something... 1.5... OH! It's telling me its deserved score!

Gametap Score = 2.0
My Score = 1.0
2 out of 958 complete.


Oh joy! A Sega arcade game from... 1979... It's time for...


So I have a bit more hope for this game, as it holds a 5.1 on the ol' rating board, and 5.1 usualy symbolizes "fun, but not to interesting... or fun for that long." What I find is exactly that. Head On seems to be a weird hybrid of Pac-man and Off Road Rally. The gist of it is you are a car, and you are driving in one direction while picking up dots for points, while the "evil" red car is doing the same... IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. *revealing organ music cue* There are multiple "lanes" in which you can switch to very stiffly, all while trying to avoid crashing into the EVIL RED CAR, who seems intent on killing himself along with you.

I actually ended up playing this game for a good ten minutes and actually enjoyed myself. It's not very deep or nearly as strategic as some arcade games, but it was at least good fun for a bit.

Gametap ranks it as 5.1, I say it deserves a 6.
3 out of 958 complete.


Oooooo, an Intellivision game. Another system from before my time. Here we go!

Night Stalker

So apparently I'm some secret spy, who's been caught... and now I'm in the evil guys labyrinth of doom or something... and I need to get out. Compelling! Lets see how I do!

Well, the controls are slow and unresponsive at best, but it controls well enough. Long story short, you are chased by a robot, you get out of your cage, get chased around, get a gun, and fight back. All while scoring points. Wasn't that fun, if you ask me.

Gametap Score =5.4
My Score = 4
4 out of 958 complete.

Time to spin it right round baby, right round.

Alright! An arcade game! I loves me some arcade games. Has a nice 6.3, lets see how it fares.

Return of the Invaders

Thats right, its what you think it is. This is the sequel to Space Invaders. Whats that you say? Didn't know they made a Space Invaders sequel? While, prior to about 10 seconds ago, neither did I. Does it stand up to the original? Lets see.

Wow, so, yeah. Thats actually a really really good game. For all ostensive purposes, the game is just Space Invaders with color, good color mind you, more dynamic enemies, and actual music. I actually had a real good time playing this one and could imagine playing it again in the future.

GameTap score = 6.3
My score = 7
5 out of 958 complete.

And thats it for now. Food and a break, maybe some more real soon.

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