Friday, July 13, 2007

Doctor Who is Awesome

Ok, so, the subject has seemingly nothing to do with Gametap, just thought I would share, cause it's true.

ANYWAY, I think it's time for some more games, don't you agree?

Spin away!

OOOh! My first adventure game. The one genre I am a major fanboy for. Though I've never played this series, I think I might like it.

Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon

Well, this is gonna be one of those hard ones, considering I should play at least a decent amount into the game before giving any definitive review. So, this is probably all going to be fuzzy logic and quick judgments on my part, so, lets see if I can do it well.

Oh super happy happy joy joy, I was right. I love adventure games so much. Space Quest is no exception. The writing is witty and the puzzles are unique and fun. Slow and plodding, as most mid to late 80's adventure games were, BUT that doesn't detract at all the unique fun these games give. I mean, how many games do you play as a space faring janitor turned hero? Well, unless its MDK. God I want MDK2... and I want Lucas Arts SCUMM games! Want want want!

Anyway, Gametap lists this game at an 8.4 and I say it deserves an 8.
14 out of 958 games complete.
This game,
being only a meager few MBs of memory is a KEEPER!

Well, that was about one hour on one game. I keep getting a few of the longer ones lately. Here's hoping for a quickie sometime soon. BUT another break in the action. Stuff to do! Be back later.

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Zach Adams said...

I was thinking about your download-time issues before (i.e., what to do when you get a 100MB+ game dropped on you), and the idea I came up with was this: if you get something that's going to take more than, say, ten minutes to DL, set it to DL in background and spin the wheel again. You get something else big, do the same, but don't fill the 3rd download slot unless it's something you can be running in five to ten minutes. It's not the best idea ever, maybe, but it seems like a better choice than just sitting on your hands for 45m.