Thursday, July 12, 2007

Right Back Into It

Ok, so I accidentally published the last post before actually getting all I wanted to get into it. So I took a small break to check on other things real fast. You know, went for a walk, ate some pizza, talked to some family.

Wasn't much else to do so I came back, spun the wheel and got another Atari 2600 game, and again, this one has a fairly good score at 7.7, so, well, without further adieu I give you:

Pressure Cooker

Ok, so, a weird chute fires various burger ingredients at you, as orders for certain burgers with certain ingredients are given to you, you must make these burgers and get them out in due time.
Took a bit gettin used to it, but it was fun. Wasn't my cup of tea though.

Gametap has it at 7.7, I say it deserves about a 6.
8 out of 958 games complete.

Well, that one wasn't that interesting, so, lets hope for something better! SPIN THE WHEEEL!

Oh hell yeah! No more talking, time to play this next one!

Super Xevious

Ahhh, more shump loveliness. I have always been a fan of Xevious, and I don't think this will be an exception.

And it isn't! It is just pure distilled shump action. Not much fluff to it. Slow moving, top to bottom movement, enemies of predictable movements. Not much on the side of power ups or missles or enemies, but what do you expect from a game from 1984?

Suffice to say I played it for a good 15 minutes, nice good relxation game really, very low stress game. I like it!

Gametap has the game rated at 7.4, I say it deserves a 7.
9 out of 958 games complete.

All I can say, is NEXT! Spinnerrup!

Ha! Oh me oh my... this should be.. interesting, to say the least. Well, might as well get it over with.

Hoyle Children's Collection

So... a card game game! Yay! Lets see, it has a 4.5 rating... optimistic much? Lets give'r a whirl!

First off I must say, WOW. Not to it's quality of game, but the fact that the game is 272.6 MB! Thats huge for a game with several card games. Anywho, there was about a 15 minute gap just for this game. And what is it? THREE GAMES. Crazy Eights, Old Maid, and Checkers. Whoopie.

Gametap says 4.5, I say 3.
10 out of 958 games complete.
1.04% complete! Yay!

*eyes the wheel*


Er, ok! My first Neo Geo game! Excitement! I loved Neo Geo back in the day, so, lets see how it holds up.


Mmmm, did you just give me some cyber-lip, boy? Didja? DIDJA? Well we'll see about that. Well, I smacked it upside its head for that, you know why? It is nothing but a sad Metal Slug rip off. WHICH is made even more sad by the fact that it was made by SNK Playmore, the same people who MADE Metal Slug. I tried to get a screen cap for you, but, my computer seemed the hate the game enough to not let me cap it. Oh well. Just imagine Metal Slug, or Gunstar Heroes, just less good.

Gametap say 5.6.
Mookie say 4.
11 out of 958 games complete.

Zooom! The insanity continues.

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