Friday, July 13, 2007

Refreshed and Ready to Roll: Or a Tale of Large Download Woes

Ok, so, had a good time when a friend spontaneously came over and we rocked out to some Guitar Hero 2, talked about life and apartments and people being uncool and he played some Peggle. Ahhh, break are nice, but they never last. As the old phrase goes, there is no rest for the wicked people who masochistically play every single game in Gametap! Or something like that.

Lets roll out!

Oh this should be fun. First Genesis game of the batch, and booy is it a doozy.

The Adventures of Batman and Robin

Honestly, I loved the old Batman cartoon from the early to mid 90's that this game is based on. Probably one of the best cartoons from the decade. It was dark and gritty and had some real genuine awesomeness to it. But, alas, Batman as almost never translated into good video games. Look them up! They all have abysmal stories and ratings attached to them, and growing up, I knew this to be true to never buy this game for my own Genesis.

Funnily enough, the game has a 6.1 on Gametap, which by now I have realized means "fun for a bit, but not much else." This is only made better by the fact that the "Bonus Material" for the game mentions that this game is very similar to the stellar Gunstar Heroes. Which honestly, just makes me laugh and vomit a bit in my mouth almost.


Might as well get it over with.

Ok, before I get to the actual game in question, I would like to note that I have finally gotten around to plugging in a Xbox 360 controller to my PC to play the games with, and I think it has heightened the experience moreso than I was expecting, as, lo and behold, I actually enjoyed Batman and Robbin to a certain extent. I mean, yeah, I see it now, the game is almost an exact gameplay clone of Gunstar Heroes. You have Batarangs and they can level up and you have different kinds with different spreads and powers, and thats all well and fun. But in the end, I really just wanted to play Gunstar Heroes.

As stated, Tap has it at an acceptable 6.1, and I agree, I give it a 6.
Oh, and I'm starting a new system, wherein I actually tell you if I save the game or if I just delete it after to save space. Sad to say, this game is a DELETE.

12 out of 958 games complete.

Well, all I can hope is the Wheel of the Gods bequeaths unto me something grand this spin!

Here we go!

Oh boy oh boy, we got ourselves another biggun. Sad to say I've played it to death on consoles... for close to a decade now. Oh well, gotta play em all!

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Annoyingly, this is another large game, so I have to preoccupy myself with something else while it downloads. Bah. So, next words you see written here will be from about 30 minutes after the words written before it. Its technically time travel!

Ok, 20 minutes and a system crash later, I am playing the game. First off, oh yay! I have to map all the buttons and moves to the 360 controller manually! I love doing that! Ok, maybe the sarcasm dripping off of that is a bit to greasy but truly, it was annoying and time consuming, and all for what? I have played THPS3 already, I played it back when it came out cause I was such a huge fan of THPS2. Did THPS3 make anything truly that better? No, not really. Just give me THPS2 and thats it for me.

Gametap say 8.6, Mookie say 7.
And, as Homestar Runner would say, "BALEETED."
13 out of 958 games complete.

So, two meh games in row? Have I displeased you m'lord? Or at least... blanded you? Cause really, I need something good! Unto the lord, let their be spinnage! Well, not spinach, I dislike spinach...

Oh radical dude! This should prove most tubular.

3-D Ultra Cool Pool

Well, seems I have done something to displease my gracious deity, The Wheel, for I get to wait another 20 minutes for what I am expecting to be a less than spectacular game. Though, it does have an 8.5.... we will see, won't we?

Ok, so, some more time travel for the viewers at home, and through the magic of television... I mean internet, the game is ready to be played! Or is it? I get in and the dang ol' thing crashes on me. Oh boy this is shapping up well. Lets give'r another go, eh?

Well, it's pool. I's actually really competent PC version of pool. I actually played this for a good 20 minutes. It has various kinds of tables with various types of zany rule sets and playable with up to 4 players. So, I mean, this could be fun with a group of people... well, kid people. I think people my age would just want to go out to a pool hall and play it for real.

Teh Tap says 8.5, the Mookie says 7.
And, I did contemplate keeping it on my hard drive, but, its big and not THAT fun, so, deleted.
13 out of 958 games complete.

And, time for a break!

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Adam said...

I like THPS3, although it's certainly not my favorite Hawk game (that would probably go to 4).