Thursday, July 12, 2007

It happened like this..

You see, I was browsing through the Gametap library of games, which at current date totals 954 games, and I said to myself, "I am never gonna play most of these games, which is a shame, cause I know a good lot of em deserve a good shake or two." It was then when it hit me.

For anyone who knows me, or takes a look over at my main blog, Swing the Bat, I am very... insane. I like to come up with ideas and things that seem relatively nutty on the surface, and certifiably mad at the core. Usually it is just a way to set a fire under me, a way to get my pumped about an idea, about something, anything, to write. And thats how it came to me. I thought of my blog just then, and I thought, maybe I could write about Gametap? Then, the crazy tick kicked in, and my mind thought, maybe I could write ABOUT ALL OF GAMETAP.

Thats right. I decided right then and there what I would, neigh, MUST do. And that is play and write about EVERY SINGLE GAME ON GAMETAP.

What follows is my breakdown.

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