Monday, July 23, 2007

A Return to Grace!

Ok, so, I'm done with the book. Yay! And without further delays, more reviews!

First game:

Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

Ahh, Wonder Boy, you magnificently confusing title. With spin-offs and multiple crazy named sequels, like Wonder Boy VI: Monster World 4, and your entire Adventure Island break offs, its amazing you came from such humble roots of mediocrity.

Really, this game is a horribly boring forced side scroller, by which I mean the screen constantly shifts to the right, propelling you always forward, with somewhat passable controls, and a mechanism where the main character must constantly gorge himself on the food that flies past him, or else he dies.
But, it is true, as you play this game, you can easily tell it was made to suck down quarters, with it being just passable enough that it could be the best game in the arcade, or at least, the one you get stuck on while your older sibling takes over the better, more enjoyable cabinet.

The Tappers say 4.7.
Mookie say 5.0.
21, out of now 960 games, complete.

Rolling Thunder 2

Ahh, the Genesis. As I have note
d before, I did, and still do, have a Genesis. But, as I may or may not have said, I did not have or get as many game for it as I did my more loved SNES. But that doesn't mean the Genesis did not hold secret games of awesomeness that I overlooked as a small child. Could this possibly be one of those games?

Bah, I didn't even bother to get a good gameplay pic for this game. And it really looked like it had potential!

Rolling Thunder 2 is basically just a very lukewarm sidescrolling shooter. The character model is very stiff, you can only shoot while standing still, you can't jump in any direction but stright up, and the enemies ranger from idiotic to cheap. Nothing really else to say about this, but, if you like sidescroller shooters like Gunstar Superheroes, go ahead and give it a try if you want to play a cruddier version of it.

Tappers say 7, Mookie says 6.
Deletion indeed.
22 out of 960 complete.

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